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Top 10 ways to make money online

  • By ACS Admin
  • June 3, 2018
  • 1 Comment

There are many ways to earn money online but today we will tell you top 10 ways to earn money online. So here is a list:

Top 10 ways to earn money online

  1. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is owned by the Google by Sign up with Google AdSense will allow you to make money from ads on your blog. Google AdSense will place relevant ads on your site, and if your site visitors click on these ads, you will earn. Although each click of only minor changes, if your blog has high traffic levels and more page views it quickly would amount to a reasonable number.

  1. Writing and selling e-books

Writing an e-book and sell it on your blog can be a big money maker. Your eBook should be directly relevant to the content of your blog so that you can sell your books to the audience easily. Creating a recipe eBooks or eBooks for food blog full training plan for your fitness sites are just some examples that have the potential to sell.

  1. Create Your Own Woo Commerce Shop

Once you have decided what type of products you will sell, you need to decide where to sell it. Selling merchandise on Amazon or eBay is not your only choice. Creating your own eCommerce store is another way to promote products and generate sales. Once you have decided what you will sell, whether it is white-labeled product, design your own, or other people’s merchandise, you can create an eCommerce website to showcase these products.

  1. Drop shipping

It is another way to make money online. First you will need to find a business that sells a product in your niche that offer drop shipping service. When you make a sale, you take payment on your site and then ship the goods to the buyer manufacturer. Profit comes from charging higher rates from the manufacturer, and if you sell a large number of these products can quickly add up to a healthy income.

  1. Merch with Amazon

Merch by Amazon is another service offered by Amazon that will allow you to make money online without the initial outlay. Then just design some T-shirt logos or slogans, and upload it to your Merch account. You will need to select the type of T-shirt, color, and price, and Amazon will build the product page for each T-shirt. When someone makes a purchase, Amazon takes care of the production and delivery. And you get paid a royalty for your design.

  1. Promote Your Own Products

If you have your own eCommerce store, social media is a perfect platform to showcase your products. Demonstrate your product is used and inform social following you why they should buy your merchandise. Most social media channels allow you to add a ‘buy’ button of your page, allowing your followers to easily click through to your site and make a purchase.

  1. Advertise Affiliates

A popular tactic to make money in social media is to pay for advertising affiliate products. Make certain ads for affiliate products are a big seller and has a high yield. Then target these ads on a specific custom audience to make sure your ad is viewed by people who would have an interest in the products you are promoting. If a viewer clicks on the ad to the page you product and make a purchase then you will get an affiliate fee.

  1. Create Virtual Events

If you have a background in marketing and a passion for a particular niche, then organize a virtual event may be just up your street. A virtual event can span days or longer. Individual live session will be run by experts in the field. And conferencing features will include a live question and answer sessions, forums, and many free gifts. Visitors to the virtual event will pay to attend, making it more effective promotion of your event the more money you will make.

  1. Buying and Selling Domain

Buying and selling domain can be very profitable, with an income of thousands of domains. However, this is a long game, and you may have to wait years for someone who is prepared to pay big money for one of your domains.

  1. Teach online

By teaching online you can Share your passion and skills by teaching online are another way to make money online.

So this is list of top ways to make money online now it depends on you which you choose according o you passion and according to your interest.

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