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Google Shopping free and paid product listings

While the coronavirus pandemic has businesses closing the retail and shopper sector has faced many threats over the years to turn online, many brick-and-mortars are quickly learning how to get their business online. digital commerce has become a lifeline for retailers. While some industries are seeing increased volume during COVID19, many aren’t and many more […]

How Google Ads Can help you to Grow Your Business

Google AdWords is service pay-per-click that takes advantage of Google’s search results and allows companies and advertisers to target specific words, causing their ads to appear as a result when the words entered into the search engine. These words are bid on by a competitive business, and advertisers are only charged if someone clicks on […]

How to grow your business through paid marketing

To survive and thrive, every business needs customers.  If you want to get customers, every business needs to promote itself through paid marketing. Before the advent of the internet, the promotion was secure because there are not too many choices. It is a matter of deciding between flyers, postcards, or advertisements in local newspapers. Today, […]