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How To Set New DV360 Account

  • November 15, 2021
  • By ACS Admin
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DV 360 or Display Video 360 is an online advertising tool used to buy online media powered by Google. Google acquired a company called DoubleClick for $3.1 billion in 2007 later,  double-click bid manager became display & video 360 widely known as DV360 on July 24, 2018.

How To Set New DV360 Account 

Display & Video 360 Or Search Ads 360 account setup is not an easy process as we normally follow for Google ads setup, Facebook ads setup, or any other media channels. We have two complicated processes offered by Google to opt for Display & Video Services.

  1. Find A Partner – Find a partner is a program offered by Google Marketing Platform Partners once you visit Google Marketing Platform on the top right corner you could find a tab called partners.  Visit the partner page to find options to choose the list of services offered by google look for Display & Video 360 and check the box, enter your location, and hit enter. You can find a list of companies as sales partners and Certified companies. Select few profiles share your requirement company will connect you back with best offer and support.
  2. Become A Partner – Platform offers two types of solutions as certified companies and sales partners. If you are looking for direct registration would suggest reviewing all the requirements one must meet all the requirements for company certification or sale partners. 
Review the policies.

a) Review Gooogle Marketing Platform Partner Program Terms and Conditions.
Company requirements

a) We’ll need the details on your business, team size, and structure.
b) We’ll want to know about your services and pricing practices. We look for a track record of client satisfaction and strategic investment in supporting Google Marketing Platform products.
c) We look for clear documentation on your client engagement and planning processes, including your frameworks and templates used to design and deliver complex solutions.
d) You’ll need content on your website that describes the services associated with your application and the products supported.
Product expertise requirements

a) You must have at least five local, full-time experts working with Google Marketing Platform products and have passed the associated certification exams. We will consider team size, expertise, and certification rate and we may make exceptions for small companies who have difficulty meeting this requirement.
b) We look for clear documentation on your planning process, including your frameworks and templates used to design and deliver complex solutions.
c) We require you to provide a comprehensive review of expertly delivered project samples for each product.

Each project sample should represent advanced work that:

  1. Shows strategic planning and optimization toward your client’s business goals.

  2. Displays your ability to go beyond basic or standard implementations and use.

  3. Demonstrate impact on your client’s goal through statistics and/or client testimonials.

  4. Visit Google Marketing Platform Partner to apply.

Note – Approval of the account is as per google usually takes 48-72 or more to receive the update from the team on approval for disapproval of account. 

Benefits of DV 360 

  1. Capabilities of handling various ad exchanges from one platform make DV 360 a super tool for branding campaigns to enhance reach and visibility.
  1. Ad buying features Via Marketplace for Display,Video, TV, and Audio.
  2. Features of direct Negotiations with publishers.
  1. Different ad formats to build the highest creative impact for your campaigns.
  2. Advanced frequency capping features allow minutes and hourly targeting. 
  1. Advanced viewability targeting helps to target predicted viewable buying.
  1. Display & Video 360 benefits with tons of third-party data providers, which can be useful for running any behaviorally targeted ads.

Looking for an easy and fast DV360 ad account setup for your online media you can consider your services with competitive prices and additional offers such as:

1. Free campaign strategy, 

2. Free landing pages for ads and a/b testing

3. Free creative approach, designing, and development, 

4. No cost floodlight tags, and technical setup, and many more contact us to know more.


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