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How to plan social media marketing with a low budget

  • March 21, 2022
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Table of Contents
1. Why social media advertising is important
2. What is social media optimization (SMO)
3. Benefits and difficulties of SMO
4. What is a social media marketing (SMM)
5. Benefits and difficulties of SMM

Why social media advertising is important for both small and large segment businesses?

As per the stats provided by Statista 2022 in the last 5 years, active social media users are grown from 2.86 billion in 2017 to 3.78  billion in 2021 and are predicted to grow above 4.41 billion by 2025. As of 2020 data released by Statista, the average daily social time spent by users is about 145 minutes per day. The above data states the importance and need of social media activities for any business. The prime goal of any advertising is to build their presence, where their relevant target audience is available. Target audience persona may vary based on the products and services that you are offering in the market. User persona or target audience may vary based on geo, gender, age, marital status, income, education, workforce, etc.

Users spend time on YouTube to watch videos, FB & Insta to engage with their friends and relatives, Tiktok for short videos, Linkedin, Twitter, and many more. However, Youtube, FB, Insta & Tiktok offers both paid and organic ways to reach their audience. In terms of online advertising widely known as SMM – social media marketing (paid social advertising) & SMO – social media optimization (organic advertising). One has both the options to start with paid and organic, only paid or only organic. In the following blog sections, more about SMM and SMO.

What is social media optimization and why is considered a budget approach

As we spoke in the above section, social media optimization is a purely organic approach to building engagement with potential audiences via social media channels. A list of actions is listed below for your reference.

  • Starting A YouTube & Tiktok Channel
    Starting a YouTube channel and building content around your business, product, or services is a quick approach that can be added to your bucket list. Make a research of your domain, find similar channels, refer to their content, check average video views, check average monthly views of channels. This practice is called competitor research understanding the market stats is very important before we start. All we need to do is to make relevant videos and upload or channel, or make short YouTube videos, Infographic videos, Live video sessions.
  • Starting Facebook & Insta page
    Similar to YouTube, Facebook (FB)  is a very popular Fb offers free page posts, weblink sharing, video uploads, Fb live, Fb group engagements, participating in group discussions, etc. One can make an industry-relevant post, video, article content, etc to share with this potential audience without any cost. All you need is to make the graphical banners, the idea of the content building, the idea to plan a daily activity calendar.
  • Starting Twitter & Linkedin pages
    Widely used by B2B segment as we all know that Twitter is very popular among government bodies for announcements, international politicians and celebrities share their views via Twitter and we could also find high net worth business community actively available in Twitter. On the other hand, Linkedin is the largest professional networking website.  One can easily make connections with professionals using Linkedin messages, groups discussions, graphical banners, hosting webinars, sharing articles, etc.

Benefits and difficulties of SMO

  • Benefits
    • Zero cost required to start
    • Gain marketplace insights
    • Helps understand customers’ interests
    • Free platforms to tell your brand’s story
    • Increase website traffic
    • Provides direct access to customers
  • Difficulties
    • Time Investments 
    • Planning high-quality content on a regular basis
    • Learning tools to build graphics and videos
    • Learning ORM tools to manage comments, messages, and posting
    • Can’t retarget engaged users
    • Reporting and review

What is a social media marketing (SMM)

In general, when we invest money in social platforms is part of social media marketing. With an organic approach, it’s a long and time taking process to build larger audience connections. However, with paid media push one can easily engage with the targeted audience base for relevant goals. Each platform has goal-based campaigns to maximize your targetted goals such as lead base campaigns, E-com cov. ads, Web traffic campaigns, Post engagement ads, campaigns to build likes, followers, video views, etc.

Benefits and difficulties of SMM

  • Benefits
    • Expanded reach
    • Audience tracking and insights
    • Capabilities of audience testing
    • Goal-oriented campaigns
    • Quick setup and launches
  • Difficulties
    • Media budgets and defined goals
    • Media planning and testing
    • Expert campaign managers for reporting, executions, analysis, and audits.

Besides, if you need any assistance with regards to your digital growth write to us on marketing@acmecybersolution.com or whats App 9778709229. Please feel free to connect. or whats App 9778709229. We are a click away to help you plan your digital media success.


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