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Difference between google discovery and regular display ads

  • May 29, 2021
  • By ACS Admin
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First of all before we start with discovery and regular display ads we would like you to brief you that in marketing after a particular period of time we could always see updates being rolled out. Such rollouts could be new bid strategy, new campaign type, new ad copy features, etc. With regards to the new rollout of google discovery ads we had several rumors that such campaign types were introduced to compete facebook carousel ads and other social media channels offering similar features. And upto an large extent from our perspective it looks ture because google has rolled google discovery ad in mid 2018 as per published post Sep 24, 2018, by Karen Corby Group Product Manager. Whereas on the other hand we could see updates from a facebook post on Improving Ad Performance with the Carousel Format since 2015. Which indicates that facebook took a faster approach in rolling out such ad type and its being delayed at google’s end. 

FB the carousel format 2015 

Google carousel samples 2018

In this blog we won’t discuss the controversial topic of whether it’s a similar product copied from any other media platform? or it’s something unique that has been introduced in the digital world from google. Besides we will discuss more about the benefits of google discovery ads over regular display ads or its advantages and disadvantages. 


Key differences Google discovery ads Vs Regular display ads

Best audience to target under discovery ads – Most of the advertisers are already being benefited and shifted their budgets from regular display ads to discovery ads. As per our expertises we suggest allocating 30-40% percentage of display google budget from regular ads and start with remarketing audiences and similar web audiences. Further bases of performance you expand your audiences to inmarket and affinity audiences.

Conclusion – Discovery ads are native/Google feed environments that come with machine learning features.


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